Kings Yangon International School Case Study (In English)

Kings Yangon International School's Streamlined Admission Process and Automated Marketing Operations (in English)


Kings Yangon International School streamlined admissions and marketing operations using HubSpot CRM, addressing challenges like manual data entry and lead tracking gaps. The solutions included optimized processes, customized pipelines, and team alignment. Training sessions and resources supported ongoing improvement, resulting in enhanced efficiency and operational performance.

About Kings Yangon

Kings Yangon – International School is a premium British International School in Myanmar, offering a comprehensive Cambridge curriculum from “Early Years Programme” to “A-Levels and Kings Yangon Foundation Programmes.” 

Industry Information

  1. Industry            :Education
  2. Company Size :200-500
  3. Location           :Yangon, Myanmar
  4. Use case          :Streamlined Admission Process, Admission and Marketing Team Alignment
  5. Products           :Sales Hub (Professional), Marketing Hub (Starter)

The Challenge

Kings Yangon International School aimed to improve its admissions process and sales operations by utilizing HubSpot CRM. They wanted to streamline the admission process, gain insights into lead sources, and improve alignment between marketing strategies and the HubSpot CRM system.

1. Manual Data Entry

The team utilized Excel sheets for both marketing lead capture and managing the admission process. While this method served its purpose, it also resulted in additional manual work and inefficiencies. They want to reduce manual work and increase automation in their admissions process.

2. Insight Gap and Lead Tracking Difficulty

Kings Yangon International School experienced challenges in efficiently tracking leads and analyzing lead sources. They lacked visibility into lead sources, whether online or offline, which limited strategic decision-making. At the same time, the team struggled to monitor the lead status and lifecycle stages of students, resulting in a fragmented process.

3. Data-driven Reports Deficiency

The absence of informative, data-driven reports was a significant pain point, limiting the team’s ability to assess the effectiveness of their marketing efforts and obstructing their insight into sales revenue and performance.

The Solution

To address the challenges faced by Kings Yangon International School, a comprehensive solution was implemented, leveraging the capabilities of HubSpot. The solution focused on streamlining the admissions process, improving lead tracking and analysis, and enhancing reporting capabilities.

The Solution Implemented for Kings Yangon International School
The Solution Implemented for Kings Yangon International School

1. Admissions Process Optimization

The admissions process was optimized by configuring custom properties to align with Kings Yangon’s specific admission requirements for students. Lifecycle stages and lead statuses were set up to provide a clear view of where each student is in the enrollment journey. Associations were established between students, parents, siblings, and relatives to ensure comprehensive relationship management.

2. Enrollment Process Management

The sales or enrollment process was efficiently managed through the deal features. Multiple deal pipelines were created to cater to different admission years, allowing for better organization and tracking. Deal properties were customized to capture essential information based on the school’s enrollment process. Deal stages were aligned with Kings Yangon’s enrollment process, providing clarity and consistency in tracking student admissions. 

An Admission Team Checklist was implemented to automate task assignment, ensuring a systematic approach to enrollment. A seamless handoff process of the student was established between the admissions and finance teams through automation.

Admission and Enrollment Process of Kings Yangon International School
Admission and Enrollment Process of Kings Yangon International School

3. Enhancing the alignment between the Admission and Marketing Teams

To streamline smooth operations between the marketing and admission teams, custom properties were created to track current and prospective students’ lead sources, whether they are online or offline.

 A customized admission landing page was set up to retrieve information and data from prospective students. An admission form was customized to embed on the admission landing page. 

“Kings Yangon Programmes” landing pages were created to provide informative insights for prospective students. A website chatbot was set up for visitors to explore “Kings Yangon Programmes” at their own pace. The website chatbot included properties to retrieve information data, which synced automatically to the CRM database. 

Customized marketing email templates were created to nurture prospective students, announce school fairs and events, and send newsletter emails about “Kings Yangon Programmes.”

Marketing performance reports were set up to provide a comprehensive overview of the lead sources, enabling data-driven decisions for the marketing team.

Implemented Marketing Hub features for Kings Yangon International School
Implemented Marketing Hub features for Kings Yangon International School

4. Reporting Dashboard Establishment

Reporting dashboards were built and configured to provide data-driven insights into various aspects of the school’s operations. Reports were created to track key metrics of sales and student data , sales revenue, marketing performance, and team activities performance indicators effectively. 

5. Training and Additional Resources Deployment

In response to Kings Yangon International School’s challenges, B360 conducted thorough training sessions. These sessions covered the effective use of HubSpot tools, best practices for admissions and enrollment management, and marketing tool utilization. 

Curated Training and Knowledge Sharing Session for Kings Yangon International School
Curated Training and Knowledge Sharing Session for Kings Yangon International School

Additionally, we provided supplementary resources such as how-to videos, user guides, and documentation to support ongoing learning.

Additional Demo Video Resources for Kings Yangon International School
Additional Demo Video Resources for Kings Yangon International School

The Result

By implementing these solutions, Kings Yangon International School was able to streamline its admissions and enrollment processes, enhance lead tracking and analysis, and gain valuable insights through data-driven reporting. The alignment of HubSpot functionalities with the school’s specific requirements resulted in improved efficiency, better decision-making, and ultimately enhanced operational performance.