Improving Sales & Marketing Productivity With HubSpot CRM for Kaung Swann Htet Trading Company Limited

Improving Sales & Marketing Productivity With HubSpot CRM for Kaung Swann Htet Trading Company Limited

Kaung Swann Htet (KSH) is a trading company since 2007 and started as the Truck Tire supplier for mining in Myanmar. Their mission is to provide customers with quality products at competitive prices. Starting with a single branch and expanding its services to Yangon and Mandalay.

Identifying Business Challenges and Goals


As their business is gradually expanding into different regions and they are keen to stand as an innovative trading industry, KSH is eager to capitalize on their HubSpot investment. With that mindset, KSH reached out to B360 for HubSpot implementation of an optimized sales pipeline, marketing and sales seamless alignment and in-depth reporting functionality, and HubSpot CRM training.

The Challenges

As a large company, KSH needs to manage various sales processes and 20 sales reps from 6 different districts in two regions of Myanmar (Mandalay and Yangon).

They want to set restrictions on each sales manager and sales reps, but they also need access privileges to see all of the reps’ deals, activities, and contacts in one place.

In our discovery session, we also found that there has been a big obstacle for not having an alignment between sales and marketing for their company.

When salespeople are assigned away from the rest of the company, they don’t get regular updates on what is going on with their marketing efforts and vice versa because they are focused on completely separate goals. This situation has been an obstacle for them when it comes to business growth.

Teams from Different Regions in Yangon and Mandalay

The Requirements

  • Accessing Seamless Sales Process
  • Partitioning into Teams based on their roles and regions with restricted access
  • Having a holistic Sales Reporting Dashboard
  • Having an alignment between Sales and Marketing
  • Able to calculate Marketing ROI and track Marketing Team efforts

The Goals

We identified the following goals according to their challenges and requirements:

  • Having a clearly defined sales process within HubSpot Sales Hub to accelerate the sales closing rate and make sure all deals are on track for the KSH team
  • Strong holistic reporting that was simple to use and analyze according to divisions and districts with HubSpot Sales Dashboard
  • Having a clear well-defined Sales and Marketing alignment with HubSpot Marketing Hub for the continuous business growth
  • Having an all-in-one place to keep tracking Marketing Team efforts and calculating Marketing ROI

Our Solution

HubSpot Sales Hub

A clearly defined sales process within HubSpot to accelerate the sales closing rate and make sure all deals are on track for the KSH team

With a comprehensive strategy and plan in place and a support team ready to take on the project, we implemented 3 new pipelines within HubSpot. In addition, KSH team members were also trained in HubSpot in order to make full use of the solution to provide visibility and consistency for their customers.

Sales Pipeline

Team Partitioning

We create Teams in HubSpot with restricted access for data management, reporting, and privacy solution.
A Sales Manager from one district has only access to his team members’ deals, contacts, companies, activities, and reports while each sales rep has only access with HubSpot own-only permission.
Then we have partitioned into different teams with restricted access. Each unit has its own reporting, activities, and other data along with contacts, deals, and companies. HubSpot Teams Partitioning is very helpful for their concerns with data privacy and reporting.

Robust holistic reporting that was simple to use and analyze according to division

KSH has an extensive sales team spread across different regions of the country so reporting is a challenge for them to track their teams’ works and activities from different areas of the country. Initially, they used traditional reporting methods like Microsoft Excel but always struggled to track across the country. But now, with HubSpot’s Sales Activity Dashboard and Sales Revenue Dashboard, they can monitor and track sales reps’ activities, deals, and contacts in one CRM by filtering teams.

Our Solution

HubSpot Marketing Hub

Sales and Marketing alignment

Product Catalog Lead Generation Landing Page

We have launched a new website and automated all the marketing activities by using HubSpot Lead magnets Assets and having a lead list and assigning hot leads to Sales reps using HubSpot automation and optimizing their social media by Monitoring social in HubSpot Social and Creating Ads with Lead Gen Form.
With HubSpot, the Management Team can stay in control without additional project management tools, review ROI from the Marketing Department, and track contacts from leads to customers throughout the stages of their lifecycle.

The Results

The Impacts

We have seen a 429.33% increase in Catalog Download from the HubSpot landing page quarterly. The KSH sales team can now track and analyze a 4476.67% Increase in Deal Creation YOY, helping the sales team pinpoint potential bottlenecks while providing the executive team with accurate data on-demand.

Web Session Increasement
Team Activity totals
Team Activity Logged

With a quick and easy setup, KSH could start tracking the number of daily tasks completed. With an 871.04% increase in the team activity logged, KSH could grasp their teams’ output by understanding their input. Now, important contacts and where they sit in their journey no longer fall between the cracks due to the visibility of tasks and customer interactions.

The Impacts

Customer Testimonials

A trading company first time installing a cloud-based CRM into its nationwide whole team was filled with learning and continuous improvement.

Deal Closed Won Rate

We worked with the team at KSH to align their sales and marketing process. Before this, it was difficult to collect all scattered data from both sales and marketing and to keep track sales reps from different regions. Thus, all of this led to slow down the sales closing rate. However, KSH now has a robust CRM and a granular database to establish ROI with greater alignment, visibility, and better deal-closing rate of 21,950% this year than ever.

We are very proud to implement the HubSpot CRM for one of the leading companies in the trading industry. KSH is on a rapid growth path, so we’re expecting big things from them in the future.

Team Behind the Work

  • Head of CRM – Cho Thae
  • Technical Consultants – Thadar Myat Noe, Zwe Htet Ko
  • Head Of Operation – Nan Oo