GRGI Implementing HubSpot CRM as an Integrated Marketing Automation Platform Myanmar's Leading Marketing Consulting Firm

GRGI Implementing HubSpot CRM as an Integrated Marketing Automation Platform

Founded in 1995 with over 26 years of experience in the Beverage Industry, Grand Royal Group International (GRGI) established a reputation for providing customers with exceptional products. Their journey towards excellence led them to partner with B360 for a transformative collaboration in implementing HubSpot CRM as an Integrated Marketing Automation Platform.


In March 2022, when GRGI approached B360, they faced several challenges in their marketing operations. Firstly, they lacked a reliable CRM system designed specifically for marketing needs. Their process for handling leads generated from various brand marketing campaigns was highly manual and scattered. Team members had to input data into Excel spreadsheets manually. Unfortunately, this led to a disjointed data management approach, with leads captured from these campaigns scattered across different Excel files. It not only affected the efficiency of GRGI’s marketing team but also posed challenges for their sales team. The absence of a centralized and well-organized lead database made it difficult for sales representatives to promptly and effectively follow up on customers. This hindered their ability to engage with potential customers in a timely and personalized manner.

Besides, GRGI had a critical need to send bulk SMS and Viber messages to their contacts. They also sought seamless integration of these communication tools with their CRM system. In essence, GRGI’s challenges encompassed the absence of a suitable CRM, manual lead data handling, fragmented data from various campaigns, and the imperative need for efficient SMS and Viber communication integration.


  • Establishing a Reliable Data Source: GRGI aimed to create a central repository where their team could access reliable data.
  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: They wanted to engage customers through Viber and Telegram Channels while launching SMS campaigns via HubSpot Workflow.
  • Streamlined Prospect Interactions: GRGI wanted all prospect interactions consolidated within a single platform
  • Accessible Campaign Insights: GRGI wanted to have customized reports and dashboards that management could easily access to gain a comprehensive overview of campaign data in one place.


As GRGI deliberated on the ideal CRM software for their marketing requirements, they conducted a thorough comparison between Dynamics and HubSpot. B360 recommended HubSpot CRM platform for several compelling reasons:

  1. Customization: HubSpot offered a highly customizable, all-in-one solution that perfectly matched GRGI’s requirements.
  2. Integration Capabilities: HubSpot’s APIs allowed for the creation of powerful integrations, meeting GRGI’s data synchronization needs.
  3. Contact Management: HubSpot provides a reliable solution for contact storage and data management.



Lead Generation Strategies with HubSpot Marketing Assets:

To enhance GRGI’s lead generation efforts, we implemented various strategies using HubSpot Marketing Assets.

  • HubSpot Landing Page for Private Viber Channel: We established a private Viber channel gated with a HubSpot Landing page. This enabled us to capture customer information and facilitated retargeting efforts.
  • Quarterly Quizzes via HubSpot Chatbot: Quarterly quizzes across various Facebook pages using HubSpot Chatbot, fostering customer interaction and data collection.
  • O2O Marketing with HubSpot UTM Campaign: In pursuit of effective offline-to-online (O2O) marketing, we leveraged the HubSpot UTM campaign feature. This involved creating unique URLs and QR codes for vinyl banner display ads, enabling the tracking of offline marketing success online.

Implementing these strategies with HubSpot Marketing Assets optimized lead generation, enhanced engagement across multiple channels.

Multi-Channel Communication Integration:

SMS Integration with HubSpot

B360 partnered with a third-party integration team to integrate the SMSpoh third-party API into HubSpot. This integration paved the way for communication via Viber, SMS, and Telegram with their customers. 


B360 efficiently managed campaigns through HubSpot workflows, ensuring a smooth and organized process. We closely monitored campaign delivery rates, leveraging the HubSpot dashboard for performance metric tracking. This approach allowed us to optimize communication and campaign outcomes effectively. 

Custom Reports and Dashboard


B360 team developed customized reports and management dashboards, tailored to the requirements of GRGI. These tools allowed for in-depth data analysis and optimization. We created contact analysis reports, focusing on custom properties for both customers and retailers, as well as a contact source dashboard to track lead origins. Additionally, we provided insights through a channel performance assessment dashboard and designed SMS and Viber campaign dashboards within HubSpot, offering real-time insights for informed decision-making. 



By harnessing the power of HubSpot’s marketing tools for lead-generation campaigns, we realized impressive results. When comparing the metrics for the six months following the implementation of our campaigns with the preceding six months, the outcomes were striking.

● A scattered data compiled into one single source of CRM 

● Launched successful Viber and SMS broadcasting campaigns through HubSpot workflows and reviewed detailed reportings in the HubSpot reporting dashboard

● Landing page views increased by an impressive 121.33%

●Contacts generated through online sources increased by 283.79%

● HubSpot Forms submissions increased by 179.57% 

● Page view to submission rate increased by 10.13% 


The adoption of HubSpot by GRGI has had a profound impact on its marketing operations, resulting in a multitude of positive outcomes:

  • Data Centralization and Segmentation: HubSpot’s data alignment and customizable segmentation have eliminated the issue of scattered and complex data. Clear segmentation capabilities enable GRGI to launch campaigns with precision and effectiveness.
  • Consumer Insights: GRGI can gain valuable consumer insights from different brands and regions through custom reports. This approach empowers them to tailor their marketing strategies.
  • Streamlined Marketing Activities: HubSpot’s Lead Magnet Assets have become the cornerstone of GRGI’s marketing activities. This unified platform allows them to efficiently manage campaigns.
  • Enhanced Client Engagement: HubSpot enables GRGI to engage with clients via multiple channels, SMS, Viber, and Telegram which can be sent directly from HubSpot. Detailed activity logs store the history of these interactions, providing a valuable reference for future engagement.
GRGI’s Testimonial

In summary, the impact of implementing HubSpot at GRGI has been transformational and the outcomes underscore HubSpot’s pivotal role in helping GRGI achieve marketing excellence and stay ahead in their industry.

Team Behind the Work

  • CRM Team Lead – Thadar Myat Noe
  • CRM Consultant – Phyo Thazin Aung
  • Technical Consultant – Ye Sithu